Four Tips to Attract Cardinals to Your Bird Feeder

Cardinals are some of the most beautiful birds in nature. Nothing can beat their bright red plumage against the white snow on a winter day. But attracting them to your bird feeder can be tricky. Here are four tips to make them frequent visitors.

1. Location! Location! Location!

Perhaps the most important part of attracting cardinals to your bird feeder is to put your bird feeder in a proper location. It needs to be near some cover, so the birds can fly there quickly to feel safe. Cover can be a tree, a bush, a wood pile, even a large potted plant. Birds aren’t comfortable visiting feeders that are out in the open.

2. Black oil sunflower seed

Next, you need to provide the right food for Cardinals. Black oil sunflower seed is one of the best, and it will attract a wide variety of birds as well.

3. Keep predators away

If animals other than birds are visiting your feeders, then the birds may be scared away. Take measures to keep predators out of your bird feeder. Earlier it was stated to hang the feeder near to a tree. Just don’t hang the feeder in a tree. Other animals can climb up the tree and get to the food. Instead, put the feeder on a free standing pole, and put a baffle-type predator guard about three feet from the bottom. This will prevent animals from climbing the pole to get to the bird seed.

4. Keep the feeder filled

Birds eat early in the morning, sometimes before the crack of dawn. Therefore, it is important that your feeders are filled before you go to bed at night. Also, check them several times throughout the day to ensure that they are filled. It may sound obvious, but Cardinals will not visit your feeder if it is not consistently filled with food.